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Encompass Holistic Health offers collaborative, evidence-informed, and gentle treatments aimed at restoring your optimal health and well-being. Our team aims to support you through all stages; from infancy to your senior years.

Our Services

We offer several manual therapy services that are aimed at your physical wellness. Our practitioners have a co-managing approach to help you get the best care possible.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Support your little ones' development by getting them safe and gentle treatment from our expect chiropractors. From infants to teens.


A holistic whole-body approach to finding the root cause of your complaints. It is a gentle non-invasive option for every stage of life.


Our expert Registered Psychologists use an array of techniques to help you through mental health conditions, life changes, and behaviour changes.


Adult Chiropractic

Our chiropractors use a variety of techniques to help you with your concerns and are a great option for the whole family.



Naturopathic Medicine is a modern evidence-based treatment with traditional and natural forms of medicine.



Our expert physiotherapists are trained to correct pain in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Pediatric Osteopathy

A gentle whole-body treatment to help your infants and children post-birth through all of their development milestones.

Pre & Postnatal Chiropractic

The changes brought on by pregnancy as well as birth can impact the body with aches and pains. Our chiropractic team can help.

Why Choose Encompass Holistic?

We pride ourselves on offering the best experience possible.


We offer direct billing to almost all insurance companies for chiropractic, physiotherapy, and naturopathy.


At Encompass Holistic Health, we uphold the best standards of education and training for the therapists on your care team.

Care for
All Ages

Our expert therapists offer care for all ages: from infants to retirees. Our practitioners are also specially trained to treat children.

About Us

Our aim at Encompass Holistic Health is to provide our clients with a well-rounded team of therapists to support your through as many layers of health as possible.

We wish to offer treatment through all stages of life and use an array of modalities and services to provide the best support team for you and your family.

A client may receive Active Release therapy, joint mobilization, cranio-sacral therapy, needling, laser therapy, visceral manipulation, allergy testing, nutrition education as well as other approaches depending on the therapist they see that day.

Clients Speak

"I recently started seeing Dr Morrison for treatment of a variety of health issues. I already find her to be extremely well informed, very thorough, excellent at communicating, and kind. I highly recommend her!"
Christine B.
"I have been seeing Ocean Burns for Osteopathic Treatment since February 2022; for a variety of reasons. Primarily due to 3 c-sections and the amount of restrictive scar tissue as a result. The improvements we have noted in my body, movement and stress management ability have been significant, in such a short period! She is kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. If you are looking to add to your modalities or try a different field of bodywork, please check out if you are a fit with Ocean! Her hands on work can be life changing."
Katrina B.
"Emily is an amazing and knowledgeable chiropractor. She is the best I've ever had the experience of working with so far for my body pain. She is very kind and easy to be around. My whole family will be going to see her for a long time. I highly recommend her services!!"
Nexxy C.

General FAQs

We offer chiropractic care for adults, chiropractic care for pre-and post-natal individuals, paediatric chiropractic, osteopathy, pelvic-floor physiotherapy, naturopathy, physiotherapy, Active Release Therapy, Graston Technique, Visceral Manipulation, Cranio-sacral therapy, Laser, Dry Needling, and rehabilitation.

We are open on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Yes! Our Physiotherapists, Osteopathic Manual Therapists and Chiropractors all treat children.

Our clinic is able to provide direct billing for most services, including chiropractic are and physiotherapy. Some of the insurance providers include Blue Cross, Greenshield, Sunlife, Manulife, Desjarding.

Chiropractic care initial assessment is 45 minutes and subsequent appointments are 15 minutes. Osteopathy sessions are 50 minutes for Adults and 45 minutes for initial child assessments and 30 minutes child follow-up appointments. Physiotherapy initial assessment is 60 minutes and subsequent appointments are 30 minutes. Naturopathy initial sessions are 60 minutes long and follow-up appointments are 30 minutes.

Pregnant women can benefit from all the services offered at Encompass Holistic Health. We can offer support through aches and pains through our manual therapies, and our Naturopathic Doctors can support through nutrition support and counselling as well as other treatment options.